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What is in a heavy-duty power washer?

The use of a power washer is the most innovative method of modern cleaning. This advanced cleaning tool uses a pressurized stream of water to clean surfaces. The high pressure ejected is enough to blast and wash away all types of dirt and grimes. The machine is powered in many ways. Gas and petrol powered pressure washers are best for outdoor use because they release carbon byproducts from burnt oil. Electric powered pressure washers on the other hand are ideal for home and indoor use because they tend to be more quite and do not release fumes. High pressure washers have helped people face challenging cleaning task easily. The features of a conventional high pressure washer is enough to meet the all kinds of cleaning demand. However, some power washers are made and designed for heavy use. The basic functions of a traditional power washer are still present but it has some slight changes to manage heavy cleaning tasks.

Basic feature of a power washer

Pressure washer manufacturers carefully designed this tool to be effective in all types of cleaning demand. There are various features on a pressure cleaner. Some functions may not be available on other models but these features are the most common. To begin with, the basic feature of a power washer is its capability to adjust the pressure. The water pressure can be adjusted to be gentle or rough depending on the work demand. This adjustment allows the user to achieve the ideal water pressure in cleaning sensitive surfaces. Furthermore, wheels are built to make it easier to move the machine around. Since most power cleaner are heavy, the wheels help the owner reduce the workload by simply pushing the machine instead of lifting it. Special feature like hot and cold cleaning is available in some power washer depending on the model and manufacturer. Not all power washer is equipped with this feature because there are surfaces that are either hot or cold sensitive. Lastly, the most incredible feature of a power washer is its capability to introduce cleaning agents or chemicals directly to the jet of water. The mixture of water and cleaning detergents enhances the cleaning ability of a pressure washer.

Characteristics of a heavy duty power washer

Basically, heavy duty power washers are larger compared conventional power cleaners because they create more power and pressure. In addition, the overall construction is made from steel or aluminum instead of plastic. However, the main difference that separates a heavy power cleaner from the others is the amount of pressure it can produce. Around 2000 to 3000 psi of pressure is releases by a heavy duty power cleaner. This is twice the pressure from conventional power cleaners. Since it ejects a great amount of water pressure, safety guidelines must be applied at all times. It also has other accessories because it needs to be very flexible to tackle different cleaning jobs. In general, all the traditional features are still built into a heavy duty power washer but it is improved a little with regards to material, strength and size. Know More about Pressure washers at https://pressurewasherslab.com/